101 in 1001

I love making lists of goals, but have a hard time sticking to them! Luckily, I’ve found inspiration in one of my favorite bloggers, Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling. She created a list of 101 things to accomplish in 1001 days and published it on her blog a few years ago. It may seem like a strange time period for a goals list, but since it’s about 2.75 years, it amounts to being right between a short-term goals list and a bucket list!

I’ve created my own 101 in 1001, and will be updating it as I cross things off the list! At the moment I don’t have a full 101 goals, but I’ll be adding them as life presents new opportunities and goals.

Start date: March 25, 2018

End Date: December 20, 2020


  1. Vote in the 2018 elections (Done!)
  2. Host a fundraiser
  3. Go to fives marches/protests/webinars on topics I haven’t engaged in before (1. Families Belong Together, 2. Trans Lives Rally – We Will Not Be Erased, 3. Black Lives Matter, 4. Corporate D&I Best Practices)
  4. Volunteer with a 2018 election campaign (10/13/2018, Josh Harder’s Campaign)
  5. Canvas for a candidate/proposition (10/13/2018, Canvas with Planned Parenthood for Josh Harder!)
  6. Donate $100 to ten charities I believe in and use my company’s donation match (done 4/29/2018. donated all of my tax returns to women’s reproductive health charities!)
  7. See Hillary Rodham Clinton in person
  8. See Cecile Richards speak in person (02/06/2019)
  9. Attend the Women’s Convention and/or Women’s March each year
  10. Bring thank you cards/gifts to Planned Parenthood or a women’s health clinic for the staff
  11. Join a presidential campaign (Kirsten Gillibrand 2020!)
  12. Join the American Humanist Association
  13. Complete a Whiteness Intensive/White Supremacy and Me Workbook
  14. Speak at a city council meeting (11/13/2019)
  15. Phonebank/text bank 3 times for the 2020 election (1. Mark Kelly, 2. DAGA, 3. Joe Biden Texas)

Personal Development

  1. Meditate daily for one month
  2. Read twenty books (1. Fail, Fail Again, Fail Better, 2. Make Trouble, 3. We Should All Be Feminists, 4. A Thousand Splendid Suns, 5. The Power, 6. The Hating Game, 7. Normal People, 8. A Court of Thorns and Roses, 9. White Fragility, 10. Designing Your Life, 11. The One)
  3. Watch twenty documentaries (1. 13th, 2. The Bleeding Edge, 3. Dark Money, 4. The Feminist on Cellblock Y, 5. Drug Lords, 6. RBG, 7. Gaga: Five Foot Two, 8. Three Strangers, 9. Miss Americana)
  4. Take a cooking class
  5. Take a class on wine
  6. Take a flower arrangement class
  7. Learn to make macarons (2/14/2020)
  8. Learn how to make a cocktail
  9. Learn to open a bottle of champagne (12/17/2018)
  10. Create a habit of checking my budget weekly (10/7/2018 – thanks to the Mint app!)
  11. Create a savings account (Opened with Amalgamated Bank end of Jan 2019)
  12. Unplug completely for a full day (no phone, internet or TV)

Professional Development

  1. Take a writing class
  2. Take a public speaking class
  3. Attend ten networking events outside of work (1. Watermark Convention, 2. Watermark Women in Healthcare)
  4. Get a promotion
  5. Have professional portraits taken
  6. Be a mentor
  7. Organize a volunteering day at work
  8. Nominate a colleague for an award
  9. Attend a medical device conference
  10. Attend a non-medical device conference (9/23/2018 – EPPICON)
  11. Take a GMAT practice test
  12. Finish the book “Designing Your Life” (Nov 2020)
  13. Decide what graduate degree to get (MBA)

Family and Friends

  1. Surprise my parents
  2. Visit Christina in Washington DC (10/21/2018)
  3. Give 10 “Just Because” gifts (2)
  4. Send 10 handwritten notes (2)
  5. Have high tea with my Mom
  6. Make a new friend in the Bay Area (Briana you’re my gal!)
  7. Create a meetup (done Jan 2019 – Progressive Millennials)


  1. Visit Point Reyes
  2. Go wine tasting in Sonoma (Done Sep 2020)
  3. Hike Castle Rock
  4. Drive down to Big Sur
  5. Go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium
  6. Visit a new museum (Museum of African American History 10/22/2018)
  7. Go to Catalina Island
  8. Go tubing on the Russian River (Labor Day weekend 2018!)
  9. Go to Del Mar Bar in SF (10/5/2018)


  1. Travel to five new countries (1. Taiwan, 2. Indonesia)
  2. Take a girl’s trip to Texas (4/14/2018)
  3. Take a spontaneous trip (Kansas in Feb 2020)
  4. Take a solo trip
  5. Take a road trip (Mendocino!)
  6. Visit a new state (Kansas and Missouri in September 2018!)
  7. Go camping (Technically it was glamping but I’m still going to count it!)
  8. Visit a city in the South
  9. Visit Yosemite (Done Oct 2020)
  10. Go to Paris
  11. Visit Alaska
  12. Go to Rome
  13. See the northern lights
  14. Attend a polo match


  1. Lose fifteen pounds
  2. Be able to do two hours of intense cardio (completed 4/1/2018 – first one!)
  3. Exercise three days per week for three months (completed 5/16/2018)
  4. Be able to do 25 pushups
  5. Try a new fitness class
  6. Take an aerial yoga class
  7. Get the flu shot
  8. Have a “Day of Beauty” head-to-toe spa day
  9. Get more than 8 hours of sleep per night for a week
  10. Go for one week without eating chocolate
  11. Go 100% makeup free for a week
  12. Strengthen my left ankle enough that I can row for 15 minutes without having to wear an ankle brace


  1. Buy a camera bag
  2. Take a photography workshop
  3. Learn how to use a photo editing software
  4. Post a book review (A post on “What I’m Reading counts, right?)

Just for Fun

  1. Watch the sunrise (done 5/27/2018 in Bali)
  2. Watch the sunset (done 5/27/2018 in Bali)
  3. Attend a Formal Gala (done 1/19/2019, Snow Ball in KC)
  4. Host a holiday party (Friendsgiving counts, right?)
  5. Go to a ballet other than the Nutcracker
  6. See Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour (Done! September show in Kansas City)
  7. Go Paintballing (4/7/2018)
  8. Leave a 100% tip for great service
  9. Buy a piece of art
  10. Get a short haircut (10/17/2018)
  11. Wear a dress or skirt every day for a week (It was glorious)
  12. Complete 1 full year of Pod Save America and Lovett or Leave It podcasts (Done Sep 13)
  13. Play a round of golf
  14. Go to a state or county fair
  15. Go to a live Pod Save America show

101 total as of 07 February 2020- 53 completed as of Nov 24 2020

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